Free File Sharing Service

If you are a freelancer, business owner or perhaps an average end user who regularly collaborates with remote team members, you will need the best free of charge file sharing service to help you upload and share documents with others. Traditional methods like email or social networking platforms will be limited in terms of file size and quite often fail to meet the requirements of users due to their rigid restrictions.

To solve this problem, a number of online peer to peer services own emerged offering high space for free which has a variety of features for users. Here are some of these.

WeTransfer is a unique record transfer platform that allows users to send data files up to TWO GB in size not having registration. To upload data, you simply choose the destination email address(es) as well as the platform can take care of the remainder. The individual can download the file from an original link that is provided.

Beat is another peer to peer site that provides cloud storage for free. It prioritizes security by encrypting pretty much all data about its web servers before it is transferred to the recipient. Additionally, it offers customizable safe-keeping options and a personal burial container for protected file managing.

MEGA is a popular cloud safe-keeping and record hosting system with effective features. It supports an array of operating systems and devices, while offering a effortless desktop consumer for easy data file transfer. Its unique encryption algorithm makes certain that no vacation can access the files.

Free File Sharing Service

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